4 Steps for Sustaining Your Building Season

Contemplating her next move

There are those who are in a season of rebuilding, and there are those who are not. While the former are attempting to put pieces back together, the latter, the ones building are searching for new bricks and mortar. Each task requires different strengths and have their own set of demands. I find that sometimes we are overly focused on the groups who are trying to rebuild, and we neglect those who are pulling the ideas from the margins of their minds and spirits into the natural realm.

It is no secret that many are in a transitionary season where what was once our ceiling has now become our floor and that is a testimony within itself. But, what do we do once we get to this new level? I contend that what was once our driving factor to get “there” is not/will not be the things that sustain us in our new pursuits. In fact, it would be problematic for us to reach the new level without altering or even reassessing ourselves and our systems. We must go back to the drawing board if we hope to keep climbing.

I spoke on a panel geared towards restoration and empowerment this weekend, which was great. One of the questions inquired about the advice that I would offer someone who has come through their healing season and was embarking upon being restored and empowered. Immediately, I put pen to paper through the unction of the Holy Spirit and I scribbled 4 steps. As I looked over my notes, I was shocked because these were the very steps that I need while trying to navigate my flooring season. I want to share them with you.

Here they are:

  1. Ask for your daily bread—in Matthew 6, Jesus teaches the disciples how to pray through the Lord’s Prayer, and one of the lines requests, “Give us this day our daily bread.” While this can be taken in a literal sense, it also nods to the daily spiritual instructions that we need. In essence, we cannot successfully live on the new level without asking for the instructions for that level. We cannot bring our old systems into the new arena and think that they will work for us because the truths on the former level are not necessarily the truths on the new. We cannot afford to get hung up on the old systems because we are no longer there. We can’t fight with weapons that are no longer suitable. We can no longer afford to hang on to the former things but we have to petition God for the blueprint, syllabus, and outline of the level in which we have just arrived. Many of the frustrations that we experience are due to the fact that we haven’t asked for the new instruction. Because we’ve become accustomed to our way of living on the lower level, we think that we can somehow play by those rules. Friend, the rules have changed and you need to get the new handbook.
  2. Upgrade Your seek—when you are on another level both spiritually and naturally, you must upgrade your seek. Think of it this way, when you’re in school, each grade that you pass will require something more of you. When you leave kindergarten, most times the nap time is taken away. Fourth grade might require you to start switching classes for certain subjects. High school will demand that you get to your classes within 4-5 minutes of a bell ringing. College will demand that you prioritize your time effectively. Graduate school will test your motivation. A PhD program will just throw you in the fire (lol). What I’m trying to get you to understand is that you have to make significant adjustments if you hope to remain on the new level in which you are building. When you are seeking God, He will require more of you. Check out Luke 12:48. What He once let you get away with, He will not overlook anymore. That 15 minutes of devotion that you were once allowed to give Him, He will require an hour. Ultimately, building requires stretching and this stretching is very important in sustaining and carrying the weight of who you are.
  3. Reevaluate Your Motives—I am a witness to what was once your motive on one level will no longer be your motive on the next. Sometimes when we are looking for healing, we are motivated by feelings of desperation and pain. We want out and by any means necessary. We need God to help us heal from our traumas and that motivates us to stay in His face. But, what happens when God heals you and you move forward? What is your motivation now? Have your feelings shifted? More times than not, we forget to review our motives when we are in a building season. We forget to take a look at ourselves and re-posture our hearts. This is a problem. Friend, what once motivated you to get there will not motivate you to stay. Perhaps you were attempting to convince someone to believe in you on the former level, but now that you have their confidence, you have to work to sustain it. Your movements have to be different. Your speech has to change. What are your motivations for staying here? What is the plan?
  4. Commit—You’ve committed to the process once, but you haven’t committed on this level. You committed to come out of your situationship and you’re out. You’ve committed to coming out of poverty and you have. But, you haven’t committed to the new requirements of you. And, if we are honest, this is where many of us fall and start to slide back into bad habits. You have to commit to the new place. You have to eat its fruit. You have to evolve and this evolution requires that you commit with zeal.

The Power of Believing in Yourself


Sometimes people may attempt to deter you from the things that you believe. Interestingly, they may not mean any harm by it, but their ideologies give them pause to what you might be expressing. Though I agree in part with  pastors and church goers who say that you should be careful who you share your dreams with, but I also think there is power in hearing and understanding another’s pushback.

The problem with most people is that they stop when they receive any type of doubt from others. More times than not, the questioning shuts them down and they struggle to move past it. Challenges stagnate them. It destabilizes them. It causes them to doubt.

I have frequent moments like these. In fact, more times than not, I have people openly disagree with me but that doesn’t deter me. It causes me to go internal and think through where I can strengthen my ideas and approaches. While I don’t try to convince everyone, I do try to see their perspectives and this works!

In essence, if I believe in something then I’m sold on it. If I have an idea that is undeveloped, I work to develop it over time. If I have a concept that is clear in my head but fails on paper, I think through it in open spaces. No, it isn’t perfect but I am working towards perfection.

If I stopped every time someone laughed at my thoughts…If I stopped every time someone told me that my projects weren’t important…If I stopped when I came against opposition then I wouldn’t finish anything. I would be living a life of obscurity. I would be still wondering, “God, why am I here? Is my life important?”

Don’t give in to the shaky feelings.

There is power in believing in yourself. There is power in believing in your ideas because they are valid. Yes, they might be different but since when has anyone ever become great by recycling others’ thoughts? You MUST believe in yourself. You must remember that you are unique and your ideas are unique. You have to understand your power and agree not to give it away to anyone who can’t see what you see. It is not your job to convince them. It is your job to strengthen yourself and believe in what you see in your mind. They will eventually come around.



Unbothered and Fly: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Singleness


I used to be the woman who felt that if I were not married then my life was meaningless. Perhaps my youthful plan to be married with children by 25 could be to blame. And, I think it’s safe to say that my life looks nothing like I planned and that isn’t a bad thing. I used to get hung up on the things that I didn’t have. I wasn’t making the money that I thought that I deserved, I didn’t have the relationship that I wanted, and I was far away from family and friends more times than not. My life felt restricted and I wasn’t happy about it. But, what could I do? This was my reality and I didn’t see a way out, so I decided to maximize it.

Unfortunately, when women start to get closer to 30, they begin to question themselves if they aren’t married. They may start listening to their biological clock, hear the chatter of family and friends during the holiday season, or even the small voice within themselves asking, “why aren’t you married?” I, too, know what this is like but I decided to do something about it that would NOT take me out of the will of God. In the past, I would try to change my situation and circumstance by medicating with other things that just left me even more empty, but I’m about to share some tips that have helped me maximize my singleness and glow up! Literally.

  • Mind your own business--it’s easy to get caught up in other people’s business. This is especially true when you’re scrolling on social media all day. Maybe you aren’t doing it all day but you do it every chance you get a break. This is bad behavior. Your brain is not built to sustain the overload of social media. Your emotions aren’t strong enough to withstand the subtle comparisons. Limit your social media time and start focusing on other things. If you have some spare time then call a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Check on your family. Do something other than invest your emotions into the lives of other people. When I limited my time on social media, I was much healthier and happier. It’s time to stop scrolling.


  • Transform your negative outlook into positive energy–Ok, so you’re mad that you don’t have a boo for the summer. Well, maybe you aren’t mad that you’re not with anyone in this season, but cuffin’ season is soon approaching and you might fall into those emotions. It’s easy and I have to work daily to ensure that I don’t succumb to them. So how do you transform your negativity into positivity? First you have to admit that you are a negative Nancy in this area. You have to be honest with yourself. After you do this, then you must find some hobby, life group, or activity that would allow you to channel your energies for good. When we harbor ill emotions, it impacts our physical, psychological, and emotional health. You honestly don’t have time to be negative. When I found myself in this position, I became a mentor in a women’s substance abuse center. I poured myself into the women in the center and realized that my limited perspective of my life was nothing compared to the traumas that they’ve endured. Sis, challenge your perspective.


  • Write a book. Start a podcast. Start a blog/vlog–I believe in the power of writing. During my singleness, I wrote my first book that did very well. It took me about 30 days to pen the book and a few months to revise and edit, but I did it. I believe that there is power in writing and power in focus. Perhaps, one reason that you aren’t maximizing your singleness is because you aren’t capitalizing on your time. There are people to be reached, problems to be solved, and solutions to be created. The world needs you. Get busy. Help others while you’re helping yourself.


  • Invest in yourself–What will the dash on your headstone say about you? Will it tell a story of one who wasted their life on careless living, or will it tell a different narrative? You have to invest in yourself. This may mean getting a job, staring a small business, learning trade or hobby. You are your greatest asset. Too many times, people believe that they need a plug to help them reach their destiny, and while I believe that relationships are important, people will not invest where you haven’t invested first. You should also invest in your physical health and outward appearance. Being healthy is not a fad but has to be a lifestyle. Further, you must remember that putting on clothes to make yourself feel good about yourself isn’t bad. When I dress up, I feel a lot better than when I’m lounging. While I do believe that lounging has a time and place, use wisdom. You should trade too.


  • Do your work–This is the step that most people skip, but it is the most important. You cannot attract what you will not become! You have to work on yourself in tandem with Holy Spirit. This means that there will be days when you cry. There will be low days and high ones. There will be moments when you feel like giving up. Times when God will show you the ugliness about yourself and you might be saddened by it. But, you have to realize that doing your work is messy but the person on the other side of your wholeness will thank you for it. You cannot afford to continue to create victims. You cannot live lackadaisical and expect to feel fulfilled. You must do something and this will lead you into a new understanding of who you are.


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The Power of Thrivation


Thrivation (noun)

[th-ri-vey-shun n]
  1. The act or an instance of thriving.
  2. The state or condition of thriving, or being in a moment of consistent growth

(Definition: Briana Whiteside’s mind)

I’m convinced that there is no place called “there.” And, if we aren’t careful, we will push ourselves to reach this mythical place only to knock on the door and have it vanish before our eyes. “There” is not a place but a state of being. It’s the element where you find yourself operating in a rhythm. You’ve caught the beat of your drum. You’re moving with accuracy. You can see yourself clearly.

This is when you know that you have tapped into thrivation. It has been called other things in the past, but I like to think of it as the place where you’ve embodied your identity. There’s nothing like it, really. To know that you’ve finally accepted your difference. You’ve defied the stereotypes. You’ve found your footing. You are here! There?

Thrivation cannot be lent. It won’t be television or advertised. It won’t even be acknowledged by onlookers until it’s too late. It’s funny that people can be around you and still not perceive it. One day, they will look up and see that something is different about you. They will notice that your laugh is different–fuller.

Thrivation is the element in which you do what you do. It’s the place where your glow is bright. Your smile is welcoming. Your eyes invite wealth. It is the place where you find yourself unbothered by the competition because of your groundedness.

It’s where you Evolve. Simmer. Plan.

It’s where you THRIVE.

When you enter into thrivation, you cannot be stopped. Your focus is keener. Your thoughts are clear. Your intentions are known. You aim for success. Your confidence flows from it. You find yourself laughing at past fears. You doubt your doubts. You move past false burdens. You make it. Unscathed.

The power of thrivation is that you will finally see yourself the way that God sees you, as the light of the world. A town built on a hill that cannot be hidden (Matthew 5:14). Radiant. Glow


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