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Insecure, How I Discovered This Shortcoming

It was a hard journey, traveling from insecurity to security. In fact, there are still moments where I negotiate between the two.


The #1 Reason You Need to Focus

Your life has always depended on your level of focus, but far too many of us have failed to really pay attention to how our lack of concentration hinders progress. I would also go as far as to suggest that you can trace your entry into a destructive relationship to a time that you were…

Flying Requires the Right Keys

The airplane had just landed in Chicago from St. Louis Saturday morning. I witnessed a wedding ceremony the day before. Extremely exhausted from the anticipation of their union and the festivities surrounding it, I sat on an airplane waiting to head back to Alabama. When the aircraft landed in Chicago (my hometown), everyone who’d made…

Open Heart Surgery

I was talking to a friend who revealed to me that someone in her family has to undergo an open heart procedure. As I sat in the living room listening to her explain to me the situation, I couldn’t help hearing the fear in her voice. My only response was, “How are you?” to which…