I am a woman of God who has a heart for the daughters of the kingdom. I wish to assist women in understanding their status as women of royalty. As modern day Esthers, we are called to be women of poise, grace, confidence, and stature, but these things only come through a submitted and obedient spirit unto the Lord.

Women of Royalty was birthed out of a trying season where I decided to submit my will unto the Lord. Several of the blogs speak to pain, unsurety, denial, and happiness, and are all written from a place of authenticity. Within each piece is a level of transparency that I hope will help someone else. Journeying with God, reading the bible, and studying the life of Queen Esther, I started to write in order to let the anointing flow from my pain. There are posts that reveal brokenness and there are posts that reveal extreme joy, but at the core of each is a recognition that God is in control.

It is my prayer that you find whatever it is that you are looking for on this site.