Is Fear Hindering You From Asking the Right Questions?

fearFear has the ability to do strange things to people. It can cause us to stay in toxic relationships, dead-end jobs, and stagnate our progress. Fear can keep us in situations that are purposeless. It can stop us from moving. It can kill us.

There are times when I reflect on my life and can see when fear was in full manifestation. I am not just talking about the fear associated with failure, but also with success. There are moments when my capability reaches out to grab me like light on a shadow. I freeze. What if this works? What if I’ve been capable of this the whole time? Will I be able to live with myself knowing that I am a participant in my smallness?

While all of these things are true, I am more intrigued with how fear has the power to keep our mouths shut in the midst of pressing situations. What if we are stuck because of the questions that we didn’t ask? What if we missed moments of opportunity due to our unwillingness to appear vulnerable?

I was reading Mark 9:32 today. Jesus, like he often does, says things to his disciples that they didn’t understand. Instead of them asking for clarification they kept quiet. The scripture says that, “But they understood not the saying, and were afraid to ask him.” The disciples were gripped with fear. Even in the face (literally) of the Savior they were stuck.

Sometimes we think that if we can just talk to Jesus then everything will be ok, and while this is true, if we are honest there are things that we refuse to say in his presence. There are things that we have hidden in our hearts that cause us to be silent when he is intensely listening. As a result, more times than not, we pay him lip service. We don’t get the answers that we seek because we cannot, for whatever reason, open our mouths to admit our ignorance. Sometimes we are like the disciples.

I don’t know about you, but fear has robbed me of a lot. It has stolen moments from me, caused me to miss out on instruction, and closed my ear to the truth. Fear is a thief that steals in broad daylight. We see it coming but hand our possessions over quickly. Why?

If we ever hope to be successful in any arena of our lives we must with fervency ask God questions. We must petition him to give us insight into the hidden things. We must ask when we don’t understand.

I used to think that when I didn’t understand what God spoke it would  eventually be revealed to me. While this is quite possible, what if I could have received the wisdom in the moment? What if I was postured in a position to seek?

The bible tells us to seek and we shall find, but this is not limited to reading and writing, but inquiring. We have to get to a place of asking even in the face of hear if we hope to have the victory.




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