What Do You Believe About You?

As I prepare to transition into the next phase of my destiny, I pause to contemplate about the times that I was in disbelief about who I was. What I mean is that I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t think I had anything to offer. I didn’t know that I had a destiny.

As a result, I allowed others to treat me any type of way. Abandonment issues will do that to you. I settled for things that were beneath me. I struggled to stay with them.

Sometimes it is not that people mistreat us, it is that we mistreat ourselves. We give up on ourselves long before the battle begins. The whispers seem louder than the truth. The recognition didn’t come when you thought it should. The pain of the process threatens to take you out.

What is most profound, though, is that in our disbelief we restrict ourselves from evolving. We flirt with the mediocrity, the dreams, the focus. We struggle to overcome in this way. Interestingly, we get upset with others because they evolve and become more. We secretly simmer with the weight of missed opportunity. We hate those moments, but we’d rather sink in quicksand as opposed to struggle against the current of the water forcing us to move far away from our destiny.

All of these things, no matter how big they may seem, no matter how threatening, are smaller than who you are created to be. However, if you perceive yourself smaller than who you are, then you will stoop to fit into a place that you don’t belong.


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