Believing in Yourself Before Others

I think one of the most heartbreaking things is to have an idea, concept, or desire and have no one validate it. You know, you go to someone excited and expect them to share your enthusiasm only to walk away discouraged. Their eyes didn’t light up when you told them. They didn’t seem to believe in your idea in seed form,Β but you know without a shadow of a doubt that this is something BIG!

It’s not the typical “big” that everyone talks about…the money making big, but it’s something that you’re passionate about. It’s something that you can’t go a day without thinking on. It’s what you were created to do.

But where do you find the courage to keep going and birth your vision when it makes the people around you uncomfortable? When you know that your success will remind them of their missed opportunities. When you know that they will only be genuinely interested if someone else validates your thoughts.

Your dreams are not a democracy. You don’t need the hand claps that fade away after you walk away. You don’t need the nods of approval if you believe. It’s difficult to get others to believe in something in your head. It’s hard because they might not have the capacity to hold the idea long enough. Even more, they might not be able to cope with their comfort. Interestingly, comfort rapes us of opportunities daily. No one ever became wealthy or fulfilled being comfortable. You have to get out of the box, the family chain, or whatever else hinders you from being your best self.

You have to work hard and know with every fiber in your being that you are doing something great. What we don’t always realize is that success and happiness are relative. What may be one way for me will not necessarily translate into that for you.

You cannot measure yourself by someone else and expect to be fulfilled.

Your vision does not rest on the intellectual or moral capacity of others. Your dreams are yours and you will be responsible if they do not come to pass. Therefore, I encourage you to believe in your thoughts and your ideas long before others affirm them because they may never come into agreement with you!



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