The Beginning of a Process

processIt’s May 1 and I think that it is safe to say that the majority of us are looking forward to a new start. You may have plans to change your hair (can I get an amen), change your diet, change your attitude or perspective towards someone, or even get into a new relationship, but the constant in all of these decisions is change. You cannot begin a new process without change. You cannot succeed in such a shift without altering your perspective of change and your relationship with it.

So many times we get accustomed to the ways things have always been while equally wishing for change. We want the new but not at the cost of the old. How then do we wish to move? Ultimately, I’m encouraging a shift in mentality.

At the beginning of any process or new endeavor we have to move beyond the old and the present into the future. We have to challenge our systems under use even if they seem to be working for us. We have to put in place new operating systems that have the ability and capability to carry us into the place we envision.

While we may have goals, dreams, or aspirations our former ways of reasoning, knowing, and being have to be evaluated. If we don’t evaluate the ways in which we have acquired knowledge over time we will repeat and recycle of oppression.

So you have to be intentional about your process. You have to be intentional about the things that you want. You have to be intentional about starting, enduring, and finishing the process.


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