The Right Thing is Not Always Easy

Sometimes I wonder how many people truly believe that they will always feel like doing the right thing! Of course, the right thing is relative, right? Perspective impacts the ways in which we think, process, and interact. This is equally true for the way that we decide what constitutes right or wrong.

I believe the most important part in understanding right or wrong is to come into the knowledge that it can be personal. What I mean is that the right thing for your life might not mean that it is the right thing for someone else’s. Equally important is the fact that not everyone will understand why you choose to live the life that you do!

So many times we get hung up on the opinions of others as if they have to live with the reality of you living below your worth. It’s a shame that we allow others to dictate the standards of our lives to appease their own insecurities and regrets. How tragic it would be if we got to the end of our lives with so much left to do that we dread moving forward.

The right thing is relative. The right thing is personal. The right thing is a matter of perspective. I want to encourage not to allow others to dictate to you your truth. Do not allow people to hang the weight of who they are on your shoulders while they move freely. Do the right thing for you! Live by the standard that has already been set for you. Free yourself of people bondage and know that the right thing does not always mean that it will be the easy decision. But, when did anyone become great by making easy decisions?


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