Transparency Helps All Involved

fullsizeoutput_682It’s so easy to remain closed off to people around you. It’s amazing how we have the desire to help people but we refuse to show them our wounds. Perhaps we need a new perspective on transparency.

Being transparent is a sign of strength because it takes courage to do. Even more, your wounds are only signs that you’ve been through the battle. They are neither a testament to your current status nor a sign of your weakness. Contrary to popular belief, wounds and wounding prove that you are a survivor. Perhaps you survived a divorce, a failed relationship, or a degree program, but the story that was birthed out of it has  oil on it.

People need your transparency. You need your transparency. When you share the depth of who you are you are enlarging your capacity. You give yourself permission to validate your experiences as well as give others the green light to live past their pain.

Unfortunately, so many of us fall victim to the need to save face, but in saving face you hide behind the mask of your reality silently screaming for help. It is not that you cannot be honest, but you refuse to expose yourself. You refuse to expose yourself to the elements around you, but those elements help you produce the sweat–the oil–of your anointing.

God did not create us to be isolated as so many of us believe. He did not give us community, family, or friends to hide the most intricate parts of ourselves, but positioned us around these people to help. We all need help, we all need encouragement, we all need one another. However, you can never enter into a successful relationship with someone else–whether it be friends or intimately–if you don’t expose the essence of who you are.

Transparency can be ugly. Transparency can be scary. Transparency can be beautiful. Transparency can be freeing. Transparency can be you!


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