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People + Pleaser = Self-deprivation

I used to be a people pleaser until it landed me in a position where all could watch and no one could help. Meaning, I would push myself to conform to what others expected of me, whether it was healthy or not. People pleasing is taxing, it pushes you aware from you are at your […]


The Right Thing is Not Always Easy

Sometimes I wonder how many people truly believe that they will always feel like doing the right thing! Of course, the right thing is relative, right? Perspective impacts the ways in which we think, process, and interact. This is equally true for the way that we decide what constitutes right or wrong. I believe the most important part in…

Transparency Helps All Involved

It’s so easy to remain closed off to people around you. It’s amazing how we have the desire to help people but we refuse to show them our wounds. Perhaps we need a new perspective on transparency. Being transparent is a sign of strength because it takes courage to do. Even more, your wounds are…

Becoming a Better Friend is Becoming a Better Person

I have a type A personality, and therefore, I’m generally goal oriented. While this worked for me in the professional world it didn’t translate well into my relationships. Namely, because I focused so much on school, and personal goals, I dropped the ball on my friends. While I always showed up for them when they…