The Power of “I”

Imagine who you’d be if you took the boundaries off of your life.

What type of woman would you become? What type of intellectual would you become? What type of wife? Citizen? Woman? How far in life would you go if you knew the power of I?

Within this context, “I”refers to identity. A lack of identity causes our lives to stutter in very complex ways. It causes us to seek things outside of ourselves to fill voids. We play the part in other people’s movies instead of staring in our own.

How do we do this? It’s not always obvious. It’s not always willingly, but when we have identity voids we conform to the offers of others. Namely, if we don’t have a firm understanding of our identity then we will accept, and sometimes detrimentally, unhealthy labels.

How then do we reject those labels? Identity awareness! Generally, identity is thought of in relation to something outside of ourselves–as a response to outside forces–but identity starts internally. A healthy inner peace, attention to inward migrations, and spiritual consciousness are important in identity formation.

The power of “I” does not stop at “identity,” but evolves into capacity!

Do you have the capacity to embrace yourself?

If not then the work starts here.


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