On Self-Confidence

It’s March 1st and if you’re anything like me you’re thinking a new start! Maybe you get exited when a new month starts because you have a goal that you’ve been waiting to start and reach. Unfortunately, somewhere around the middle of the month we lose momentum for the very thing that we were excited to start. For you it could be a number of things, but for me it’s generally maintaining the belief that I am good enough to start and finish anything that I desire.

One thing that stagnates so many of us is a lack of self-confidence. We generally look for people to validate our ideas even though they might not have the capacity to hold our vision. We play mental hangman until our mind threatens to dangle our hopes by the same rope that holds the stick figure suspended in the air. We vacillate between the unspoken opinions of others who have the potential to scare us into immobility. We lack self-confidence.

Self-confidence comes from affirmative identity which is not rooted in other things. With so many things competing for our attention daily, it can be difficult to remember, I get it! But, I ask you, who are you? You are you outside of your degrees, children, mate, social life? Who are you when the smoke settles and the lights dim on the stage you stand on? Who are you at your core? Why are your goals important? If everything was stripped from you today how would you survive?

Ultimately, the answers to these questions will vary, but one thing that is constant in each is “you.” So this month, I want to encourage you to push to uncover another level of intimate confidence. I want you to coach yourself into believing the best things about yourself. Affirm yourself daily and make room for your errors. But, more importantly, spend some time thinking about the thoughts you think towards yourself. If they are bad, change them. If they are good, magnify them.


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