Flying in 2016

I’ve traveled every month in 2016, and 6 times this year I’ve boarded a plane heading to various locations. Each time I boarded for a flight it was with expectancy that I would land in another space. Of course, I booked the flight with an ending destination in mind.

For instance, I boarded a plane in Alabama with the intent of landing in Pennsylvania. There was another time when I boarded the plane in Atlanta with the intent of landing in Europe 8 hours later.

Despite the start location and the ending point, the thing that is constant is the vehicle that I use to get to my destination. However, the pilot is in control of how slow or fast we go, and how high we fly. As a paying passenger, I surrender the limited knowledge of what I know about aircrafts to him, and fully trust that he will get me to my location safely.

Largely, the plane analogy is significant to me because it signals a space between two points. When flying, I’m no longer in the place that I started, but I’m not at my final destination either. I’m totally dependent on someone outside of myself who has a knowledge base that I don’t.

This is similar to my walk with God. The starting is always the toughest part. Wheels on the ground, speeding toward takeoff, it gets a bit bumpy. But, in the sky it’s usually smooth sailing. Granted, there are times when we hit turbulence and it threatens to end the journey, but more times than not, there is an alternate route.

When the air gets bumpy on the airplane, the pilot comes on the intercom to inform the passengers about the journey ahead. His voice, always calm, highlights the forecast, and issues additional safety precautions such as staying in one’s seat with seat belts fastened. And, the passengers obey. The significance is that the pilot, though out of sight, is on the plane as well.

The same is true with God! When on a journey with him, he gives clear instructions when needed. Like the pilot of the aircraft, he only speaks when necessary. When I hit turbulence on my flight with God, he comes on the intercom of my spirit, and offers clear instructions on how to survive the flight. He generally  discourages the panic that make arise as a result of my uncertainty. He reminds me of the plans that he has for me, and more importantly he tells me not to fear.

The turbulence in my life generally subsides after a while, and the flight resumes in a smooth manner. Like the pilot, God then resumes the flight in silence, as I am reminded of the final destination.

I’ve been on several spiritual flights this year, and some threatened my existence. There were those that threatened to expose my flaws, and insecurities. But, despite the momentary discomfort of my time in the air, I’ve landed safely

I don’t think that it’s happenstance that I’ve travelled so much this year, and the significance surrounding each flight varies. But one thing that is certain, my time in uncertainty (i.e. in the air) is not as long as my tim


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