Your Excuses Will Give Up on You!

With less than 10 days left in 2016, I started to reflect on the year. Generally, I like to compare myself by the previous year to measure the growth in my life. This journey prompted me to look back over the goals I set at the beginning of the year to see just how intentional I’ve been with my actions. Surprisingly, 9 of the 10 goals were completed, but one, perhaps the most important was still there. Personal health.

Earlier this year I started out strong in my attempt to get physically in shape. As a matter of fact, I lost 10 pounds within a couple of months, and started to see muscle definition. I was well on my way to being in the best shape of my life. However, school started in August and naturally, I turned majority of my attention to it. For 16 weeks I probably hit the gym 7 of them, and slowly but surely my body began to take on a familiar form. The results from the previous months of being in the gym 6 days a week started to fade, and one day I realized that I was back in the same place that I was in at the beginning of the year.

How did I get here? I mean, I’m vegetarian now and I don’t eat the trash that I used to consume. How did I gain the weight back? My questioning pointed back to the 16 weeks of school that I allowed stress to deter me from my physical goal. Yes, it was school! That’s it. I had to focus on school; therefore, I couldn’t workout as much. I was so satisfied with blaming it on school until the semester ended.

It wasn’t just that I had to focus on teaching, my academic work, and everything else that goes into being successful, but that I failed to plan. As a natural planner, I was appalled at my negligence. I always knew the amount of energy that it took to be successful in school, because it comes around the same time every year. I also know how I operate during academic years, and when those years end. But, my excuse that school was tough failed me.

It all boils down to how bad you want a thing. In the beginning of the year, I badly wanted to be in good shape, and I threw my efforts into physical activity. What’s interesting is that I was still in school when I set the goal to become better. My mentality changed during the latter part of the year and I became complacent. Yes, school was in. Yes, I was under stress. Yes, a lot has happened this year, but those things came and went. My excuses gave up on me!

What never left was my promise to myself that I somehow stuffed under the bed until a better time. Well, there’s no better time than the time right now. Don’t tell yourself, “I’m going to wait 9 more days then I’m going to get in shape.” Don’t put off that thing that you know you should have done months ago. Do it now! The road will not get easier, and there will never be an ideal time to do anything. The difference between champions and failures is that champions do it in spite of the current circumstance.

So, I encourage you to be a champion, and start the end of the year strong!


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