Self-esteem is a major component to understanding identity. It is that secret compartment that we house our emotions and images about ourselves. Self-esteem impacts our actions, motives and even our words. How does something that is invisible, that is first obvious to us then the world have so much power?Measurement. Whether we realize it or not, we are comparative humans. Think about all the hashtags on social media, all the moments where you were envious of a woman, every time you called yourself stupid. These things add up and you only feel this way because subconsciously you are comparing your life to others.

When people are afraid they sometimes reach out for other people and things. Sometimes those things we reach out for do more damage than good unfortunately. For example, when I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, being obedient to God and just having a good time, there are moments when I feel lonely. Sometimes I can handle them, but my proclivity is to reach back into my past or present and find someone to talk with. Harmless, right? Wrong! A lot of times the very people who I reach out for are the very one’s I probably shouldn’t be entertaining; but because of my boredom I do. At some point or another as the conversations progress I get let down because unbeknownst to me I got my hopes up. Has this ever happened to you? When I get my hopes up and my feelings get hurt it adds another level to my insecurity or chips away at my self-esteem. It is not the other person’s fault but my very own.

At some point ladies we have to stop blaming outside people and forces for our toxic behaviors. We are the culprits that betrayed our own bodies. A lot of time we have the power to change the situation. Every time we have the power to choose.

Battling with self-esteem is not easy and it can be tedious but it is nonetheless a battle. When fighting you have to remain focused on the task and to the problem. Don’t run but fight and fight hard. Your life and happiness depends on it. Self-esteem tends to discourage many, hurt most and isolate several. However, it is not stronger than the God you serve. Undergird yourself in his love and image and you will make it.


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