Peace is something that America needs right now. In the aftermath of the club shooting in Orlando that left many dead, in the face of heated Presidential elections, reality tv, and mass killings in major cities, we need peace. Even more than outward peace though we need inner peace.

Inner peace comes from the Lord. It’s what calms your spirit and allows you to think rationally. So many people are lacking inner peace and it’s manifesting in their actions. We have to learn that while we need peace in the world we also ned peace with ourselves. If you don’t have peace within you then you cannot have peace with others. Things will get hostile and often times unbearable.

I know what it’s like not to have peace honestly. I used to be at war with myself and no one really knew. There would be a battle raging inside me and it caused my to have math towards certain people in my circle. I rarely spoke on it but it was there and I couldn’t deny it. One thing I needed to do was confess that I needed help. I had to admit to myself that the way I was living was not ok and I would not make it long if I continued to be in denial about the brokenness I felt.

Coming to know inner peace felt good!

Think of all the things you could have if you had inner peace. Think of the limitations that would be broken off your life, the what-ifs, the fear, the doubt. If we don’t have peace within ourselves how can we have peace with man? Having inner peace is not a walk in the park though, and I don’t want to mislead you. It’s a lonely walk, one that so few take. It asks you to be honest and transparent. It demands your time and asks for your life. Though it asks for all of these things it also gives you a treasure that is incomparable to the old ways.

-Peace xoxo


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