On Loving Yourself

Do you know how it feels to love yourself? I mean  really love yourself! Like every imperfection, every flaw, your awkwardness, your laughter? If you don’t then how do you expect anyone else to? Understand that love and appreciation are two different things. I hair3can appreciate my hard work while not loving the outcome. We shouldn’t collapse the meaning of the two either.

Loving yourself starts with acceptance. One day I decided to stand in front of my full length mirror unclothed. There I looked at myself completely vulnerable and critiqued everything I disliked about my about myself. After that I said aloud “Now that you’ve gotten that out-of-the-way, no more!” This ceremony was a type of shedding away. I needed the space to voice my feelings but also reaffirm myself. I then pointed out everything that was beautiful about myself and needless to say the good outweighed the flaws.

When you are searching for love, you are really searching for yourself. At times we may want someone to tell us we are pretty, want someone to hold us, or someone to depend on. Sometimes those moments show us that we are lacking affection. Not only the affection of another but the affection towards ourselves in the form of self-care. I never knew this until I started spending time with myself. Until I started paying attention to my actions or the lack thereof.

There I looked at myself completely vulnerable and critiqued everything I disliked about my about myself.It takes time and patience to love yourself. Hard work and understanding. Tears and joy.

To love yourself you have to tell the truth on you. You have to be willing to stand firm in your experience and acknowledge your current season. Your skin is your glory, it is the expression of who you are. In order to live a better life one that is more fulfilling, start self self-love


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