You Are Enough

When I finally realized that I was enough it changed my whole life. I was once one who was outgoing and courageous, always ambitious and witty. But overtime as life happened I became timid and withdrawn in a lot of areas. However, I’ve found the place where my authenticity lies and it feels so good.

hair2In other posts I’ve written I’ve shared that I was once insecure and sought to find my worth in a relationship. What is sad is that so many women can relate. While I’m not saying that it’s sad that I’m relatable but that we are missing out on the abundant life we were promised. We become prisoners to comments that are only used as gatekeepers to keep us bound. We hurt silently and we scream with soundless voices hoping we will one way be saved. What we don’t realize is that the prison door is always unlocked, just closed. But we never try to leave the cell. Why don’t we try to leave the cell?

Is it because we’ve been conditioned to believe we will always be tied down? Maybe we’ve seen so many other women try and not succeed? Perhaps we’ve defeated ourselves long ago with a mentality of less than? Whatever the reason, and they can be many, but you have to know thathair2 you are enough. You are enough to make the change in the world. You have enough courage to turn your life around. You have enough strength to push through. You are enough because you were made in the image of a God to whom enough is small. Meaning, compared to God even the being of enough is laughable. He is so much bigger, stronger and encompassing.

Who told you that you weren’t enough? I’m reminded of the story of Adam and Eve in the bible after they ate the forbidden fruit. God calls to Adam “Yo Adam were you at” (my interpretation). Adam replies, “I hid because I was ashamed of my nakedness. You know I don’t like my body because it is not big and buff like the men on instagram” (in a nervous voice). Then God replies. “Where you get that from?” (meaning who told you that you were naked and not enough?). It’s interesting that sometimes we walk around a certain way for all our lives, we do certain things and we think they are great; until someone points out an issue. So I ask who told you that you were not enough? Who said you were unattractive and stupid?

Is it because we’ve been conditioned to believe we will always be tied down?

Whose report will you believe?

You have to know that you are enough and that your uniqueness is the key to unlock s many doors. Don’t try to be a carbon copy of a great original. Walk in the image of who you are and pave the way. Leave your mark on the Earth so that others may know you existed. Think about all the ancient worlds that have been discovered, how do modern people know they existed? Hieroglyphics. They left their mark on the Earth and that’s what you have to do. No one is greater than you, they’ve just tapped into a place that you have yet to. Run your race and compare yourself only to the last version of yourself in order to measure your growth.

I encourage you to move in a grace that is unique to you. When I discovered this truth that I was enough, it freed me. It allowed me to smile like I’ve never smiled, cry like I’ve never cried and feel a compassion that I never thought possible. I stopped thinking that life was all about me surviving and not about how I can add value to others. It loosened the chains that I willingly sat in for years. Then a wind blew and I heard a creak in the cell door and I got up to see if it would open. And, to my surprise it did and I walked out vowing to never return to the place that once had me bound.

-Peace xoxo


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