Time Management

I hear a lot of people say that there isn’t enough time in a day to do the things that they need to do. While on the surface this may seem true, it is the farthest thing from the truth. Unfortunately many people do not know how to manage their time to maximize it. I think it all comes down to prioritizing, organizing and discipline.

  1. Prioritization. When you prioritize your life–rank things in order from most important to least–you can see the trajectory of things needed to execute. I’ve had to get a planner and write things down that way in order to see what I needed to do. Now don’t try to do everything in one day. If you can spread the tasks out throughout the week then it will seem more manageable. If you know you have a long day on a certain day, it might not be wise to add three extra things to your list. You should probably do something on the list that requires the least amount of effort. This is for your comfort. The problem people have is that they attempt to cram too much into their day and are left exhausted. When you are exhausted then you might not feel like doing any of your tasks the next day. So plan smart and smartly plan.
  2. Organize. Now organization and prioritization go hand in hand. However, I mean this on a deeper level. Sometimes because our thoughts are unorganized then our lives follow suit. Your external afflictions generally are manifestations of inward wars. So take time to pay attention to your thoughts and think about what your thinking about. Set reminders in your phone to warn you when you should start a task or start planning one. Generally when I know I have a paper to write, I generally write in my head before I write on paper. If I can gather my thoughts, learn perspectives and generate an idea then by the time I sit to write I don’t struggle. Generally this type of thinking happens when I’m driving, in the shower, walking down the street etc. I’m  killing two birds with one stone. Because I have to drive certain places or walk to certain building and also have to write a paper, instead of listening to music, why not start crafting ideas in my mind? You have to be intentional about such things. Organization is unnatural to many, I know it was to me.
  3. Discipline. This is probably the most challenging especially if you are one to move when you feel like moving. Self-discipline is an asset. It is something that will set you up for success time and time again. It will assist you in making wise decisions over foolish ones. The top athletes didn’t make it to their level of fame by being undisciplined. They worked out when they didn’t want to, they ate healthy when they didn’t want to, they went through intense trainings to gain control over their bodies and were rewarded. This is true for you too. You have to have the liquidity of thought to challenge yourself to do things you don’t want to do. Instead of going home to watch an entire series on tv, say you will only watch one episode and read a book you’ve been putting off. Instead of being on social media all day, compromise and say if I’m going to be on the internet then I’ll walk on the treadmill while doing it. Self-discipline isn’t about eliminating everything out of your life but including more positives in. If you keep this mindset eventually everything negative will be replaced slowly but surely.

Remember, you have the same amount of time as everyone else in the world. The difference is in how you choose to maximize it.

-Peace xoxo


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