Choosing Sin

Do you know that generally we have a split second to choose whether we will sin or not? I mean the option is always there whether we admit it. More times than not we stand at the crossroads between going to the club and reading or bible, cursing someone out or staying gracious, overeating or maintaining healthy eating habits. The war goes on in our heads daily but which side will you choose to be on?

Proverbs 19:3 tells us that “people ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry with the Lord” (NLT). When I discovered that this was in the bible I was shocked at the truthfulness of the verse. I definitely can attest to the fact that this verse rings true in my life. There have been sssoooooo many times that I chose to do wrong, knew I was doing wrong and expected God to bless my mess. I put a demand on him to make things go right with a man I chose in my flesh, or help me pass a test I didn’t study for, and got angry when he refused. Ask yourself this, if you told your teen child not to spend their money all week and to save it because you would match them with a vehicle at the end of the week, but they spent the money anyway and expect you to still get the car would you get it? If you’re responsible and intent  on teaching them responsibility my guess is that you wouldn’t. God is the same way. Until you learn to trust him and listen to him he is not going to bless the mess you continue to make. He will wait you out and believe me his patience is wwwaaayyy greater than ours.

However, God is so much more gracious than mere mortals. He will allow you to keep taking the same test over and over again until you pass it. You will keep going around the mountain thousands of times until you learn your lesson. Until you surrender your will and realize that you are not more powerful than him. That’s what he did to me honestly. HE would tell me to do something and I would do it for a little while–just like when my mom would put me on punishment and I would try to get off for good behavior–then I would go back to doing what I wanted to do. I would get hurt, cry, be mad and go out and do the same thing again. How insane is that?

There came a time in my life recently that I finally learned the lesson. I learned that I had to wait on God and the value in waiting. I think I had to learn that waiting is not a passive act but an active one. It is the moment where you realize that you need to move in order for God to move. It is changing your mindset, receiving a paradigm shift and new outlook on the same situation. It’s a beautiful change.

In essence, the reason we choose sin so readily is because we are looking at it the wrong way. We are looking at holiness living as boring, for old people and just not cool. On the contrary, holiness is a virtue, it is a high standard of living, it is prestigious. Don’t you want to be considered prestigious? Don’t you want to walk among Kings and Queens? You are called to royalty and the process starts in your mind!

-Peace xoxo


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