Interestingly, it is very easy to get entangled in pride. Pride is a subtle killer. It causes families and marriages to fail, it can destroy a work environment, and it can also destroy friendships. Pride is stubborn and it never feels that it is wrong. It can cause you to make decisions that you will one day regret. Pride can destroy your life.

Many people have a prideful attitude and don’t realize it. In a world filled with instagram and Facebook, it is evident that we hold our lives in prideful positions. Now, there is a difference between honoring your life and having a prideful one. In fact, I believe there is a fine line between living in pride and not. Pride causes us to glorify and seemingly worship our lives, our possessions, our relationships. While cherishing these things are important, it is equally important that we do not slip over into pride.

For example. I’ve seen some people say “You must not know who I am,” or telling people to “get o my level.” Well those are prideful words. They are ugly and the demean others. When we get lifted in pride, we also fall down. The bible says that God hates a proud look. Do you know the spirit of pride attempts to stand and go face to face with the creator? It’s a stiff neck spirit and it is dangerous. Sometimes it is covered up by things like rejection, anger and sadness.

Nonetheless, the bible is clear that pride comes before a fall of man. Meaning, when you get lifted in pride be sure that you will be humbled by God. It is so important that we remain humble, and not in false humility. Sometimes our educational status also causes us to become prideful. Because we rub shoulders with some of the best in our fields, we can slip over into a dangerous place.

In order to see if you have pride in our life, you have to examine your heart. What areas in your life are people not able to tell you anything? Where do you shutdown and refuse correction? Where do you feel that people are unqualified to comment on? This may be some indicators of where pride might be hiding in your life.

I challenge you to live as the best version of yourself daily.

-Peace xoxo


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