Ok so everyone knows that a healthy relationship between to people must have good communication. With the lack of communication there is a breakdown in understanding, motives, and needs which causes the relationship to deteriorate. I often hear people say to struggling couples “there was a breakdown in communication.” However, how could there be a breakdown if the couple does not talk? How can you say that you’re in covenant with someone who you don’t express yourself to? The answer is that you can’t. However sometimes we believe that people should know certain things, and while they might have an idea, they don’t know what that means to you. Understand that common sense to you is not common sense to the next person. Our backgrounds, growth, and thought processes are different so do not expect someone to know something that you never said.

What does the aforementioned paragraph have to do with the topic? Well, prayer. Recently I was speaking to a friend about communication and she expressed her hesitancy with confrontation. She told that she’s had negative experiences from it and generally shies away from it. Therefore, there is often miscommunication between her and her mate, well no communication in some ways. I suggested that she look at communication/confrontation as a form of prayer. Generally, when we think of prayer is it the way someone else prays who calls down heaven and gives everyone goose pimples in the church. However, prayer is conversing with God, casting your cares on him and waiting for his answers. Matthew 11:30 says “for [the lord’s] yoke is easy and [his] burden is light.” The only way you can grab his easy yoke is if you talk to him.

I’ve learned that sometimes I don’t feel like praying so what I’m trying to train myself to do is the talk through why I may not feel like doing it. My prayer life has become a conversation, just like if I were speaking to a human being on the phone. It’s not puffed up, not fake but truly authentic. And, I get a response quickly to the things that I pray about. The problem is that sometimes we unload on God and then we get up and go about our day. Well, if you were speaking to a human and you did that, it wouldn’t be much of a conversation, right? It would be one-sided and the other person would probably feel some type of way if you just got up after you were done talking.

Imagine how God feels when we do that.

You cannot expect to hear God’s voice unless you are tuned into him. Overtime, I’ve trained myself to hear what he would say to me after I pray. And, at times, his response would be less than favorable to me. John 10:27 says that “my sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” You cannot follow Jesus wholly unless you know how to hear his leading.

Your prayer life can be considered the sum total of your actions. If you pray a bit more, and listen to the advice from God, then you will see some things shift. For me, God has been taming my tongue. There are moments where I would love to lash out on someone and God would say “shut up, don’t open your mouth.” Whew, in those times I’d be so upset, so hurt but as the bible notes obedience is better than sacrifice (1 Samuel 15:22).

So I encourage you to make a conscious decision today to pray more and train yourself to hear from God. I mean really hear from him!

-Peace xoxoxo


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