Perseverance through the Storm

When storms used to come in my life I would freak completely out. I would cry, complain, wonder why me, and just have a negative attitude. It seemed like storms were coming every couple of months. These times for me were tough and I hated them. For about 4 months now I’ve been in transition. Not only in my outward life but my inner life and thoughts as well. While I wish I could say that its been easy but that’d be a lie.

The reason why I used to overreact in the storm was because it began to break up the ground that I felt had just become solid. Have you ever seen construction workers building a tall building? First they have to break the concrete, then dig far into the dirt underneath until they hit something solid. Solid enough to build on. SO this is the same thing that happens in storms. Anything that is not already grounded will blow away, even the seemingly strong houses. Have you ever wondered why some houses fly away during strong winds? It’s because though once a strong foundation, it became weakened over time.

Lately, I’ve begun to look for beauty in the storm. While others keep the image of the rainbow in mind to make it through, I look at the organized chaos. While storms generally get a negative understanding, they are some of the most powerful forces on earth. So why wouldn’t you want to go up against something powerful? We want the elevation without the test, we want the notoriety without building the strength to maintain it. Do you know how champions are rated? They are rated by who they go against. You don’t think a rookie boxer would go against Muhammad Ali do you? Do you really think a kindergartener would challenge a college professor in scholarly thinking? No, because there is too much space in thought. Ultimately, if we think this way, we will see that we are close enough in range to the storm and we are going up against its fierceness because we have the power to do so. Unfortunately, sometimes we just don’t want to do the work that is necessary.

I challenge you to have a paradigm shift on your storms. Use their winds to propel you forward, not hold you back. When you realize you can stand in knee-deep water, you will walk through life with perseverance.


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