Positioning Yourself to be Used

In society today no one wants to be used for real. Honestly, we want to use other people to fulfill our own desires. We want the promotion to live a comfortable life, we want the man because we are lonely, we want the vacation to post on social media, etc. But we are called to be servants! We are called to lay down our lives to help other people. We are servants of the most high and he seeks to use us in the earth.

Unfortunately though, a lot of us are unusable. Not because he made us that way, but because we aren’t interested in it. We want to use the world to advance our wants and needs. I believe African-Americans especially struggle with his point because of our cultural heritage. However, in positioning yourself to be used, you must declutter your life. Think about this:You want to wear your favorite shirt, you go to the closet but you can’t find it because you have so many clothes. You’re searching through the rack only to not find it and have to rethink your whole outfit. Days later you find the shirt crumbled on the floor of the closet because it has fallen off a hanger.

That’s how we are when God wants to sue us. We are in the right position but we can’t be found, because we’ve fallen off the radar. Not that God can’t find us but because our lives are covered up by so many other things that we cannot emerge. When positioning yourself it is crucial that we declutter our lives. And, generally what’s happening on the outside is a reflection of what’s going on, on the inside. Are your insides cluttered? Do you need to get rid of some stuff both internally and externally?

Now I know this looks like a hard task and it is, but it is the necessary step to being positioned clearly.


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