Knowing Your Worth

marleyI often hear people say that they want to be the Proverbs 31 or the Titus 2 women. They strive to be these women who stand at opposite posts in the bible but miss the women in between them. Now aspiring to be these women is noteworthy, I’m not taking away from that. However, I want us to realize that while we are waiting to arrive or live up to their reputations, we must strive to uphold our worth in the meantime.

It’s always good to have aspirations to be better in the future, but when we lose sight of becoming better currently, we miss the beauty of transformation. What I mean is that look at your life now, are you content in your own skin. You may be, now examine your finances. Are you out of debt or living life as a slave to creditors? What about education? Are you satisfied with your learning? And, education does not just mean schooling, people can become educated on a variety of things that are outside of school.

Most importantly, what about your relationship with God? Now, I know God gives us these two women to look up to, but what does he say about you? In what ways does he hold a mirror up to your life and say it is good? Now the Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 women are great, but they are personas. They are nameless women who’s character is amazing. However, you are not nameless are you? You have a birthdate, a social security number, and a fingerprint. Knowing who you are in Christ is far more important than trading your life in for a persona.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t aspire to these women but I am saying to believe in your being just as you believe in theirs!



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