Covering Empty Spaces

It’s very interesting that I’m writing this post. First off, it’s an area that I’ve been challenged in the most as it pertains to excessive spending habits and the issues it causes. Some people look at me and swear that I have it all together, I mean swear. However, what they don’t understand is that I don’t and though my outward appearance might scream one thing, internally I’m having a different dialogue.

I am a chronic shopper. Well, after today I will have been a chronic shopper. By this I mean that I am putting away those horrid spending habits that I have. The reason I have those habits is due to unresolved inner conflict. It seems that I still struggle with value issues somewhere in my life. Spending money when I really don’t have it to spare indicates that I have an issue and it needs fixing. I love shoes and clothes, and though I’m never late on bills, I do accrue more debt each time I spend and don’t pay off immediately.

I know this, I know that this must change because when one becomes a slave to debt then they are also a slave to other things. Being in debt is immature and agonizing, and I have to do better. So many people spend for various reasons, and some debt such as student loans are considered good debt. But I’m speaking about unnecessary debt. Debt that is built by attempting to impress people who you don’t like and who don’t like you. I’m guilty.

So, starting today I’m making a commitment to myself to get out of debt, whether it takes 6months to a year to aggressively pay it off. Pray for me.


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