Place of Tears is a Place of Worship

For so long I considered my sensitivity a burden. It’s that thing about me that seems to plague me at the most inopportune times. I could cry watching a sad scene, cry when nothing is even wrong, cry when my friends are going through something etc. I think it’s safe to say that I’m a crier. However, contrary to popular belief crying isn’t negative, in fact, in the right context it is bold and necessary.

More times than not, I hear people comment on my genuine nature, my compassion and willingness to help people. In my mind I’m always shocked because I tend to think that everyone is genuine in their own right. However, this logical fallacy has proven incorrect several times. Nonetheless, every time I attempt to make up my mind to be more rigid or tough I never do because at my core, that’s not who I am.

When we cry out to God we are in a posture of worship. Our tears communicate with him even if your mouth remains closed. God inhabits the praises of his people and he draws near when he hears us worship. Tears to God are a sign of strength, it is strength that allows one to cry in public, not weakness. It is strength that causes one to raise their hands in adoration unto God, not fear. So many time see confuse tears and they are seen as negative. Granted, some people use tears as a form a manipulation and should stop, but in its purest form, tears are a sign of surrender even before our actions show.

It is evident that God has given me a sensitive heart, one that is easily penetrated. Yes, it hurts sometimes and its even more painful to admit but it’s part of my spiritual genetic makeup. However, my sensitivity has taken me further than others.

I’m a known worshipper, in fact, my favorite part of church is praise and worship. I love to listen to worship music and sing–off key–to the Father. And lately, I’ve been crying a lot unto God. Literally, when there is nothing conceivably wrong with me there will be tears running down my face. He knows what those tears mean without utterance.

Crying is not as negative as society may want us to believe. Crying is the evidence of power restrained which is what many people do not realize.


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