Glass Ceilings

I used to hear a lot about going to the next level. People in my circle would say they are ready to go to the next level, and preachers would preach about the next dimension. Interestingly, getting to the next level is not as glamorous as we might envision, in fact, it is hard work and we must encounter the glass ceiling before we get there.

The glass ceiling is the barrier between where you are currently and where you are going. It’s the object that is transparent so it allows you to see the next level but holds you on your current level for various reasons. You see your future but you can’t quite grab it, you hear others in higher circles but you don’t have access them yet. It’s a frustrating place, a kin to the transitioning state, it wears you out, makes you cry, strengthens your core.

Being trapped under a glass ceiling serves many purposes for an individualized being: teach character, perseverance, faith, discipline, understanding, and tenacity. It’s the training ground for destiny but it hurts because you’re closer to the next place than ever before. To see your destiny, your new position but not be able to embody it is agonizing. I know this too well because I’ve been in this place for 4months. Now 4 month seems quite insignificant but it is magnified due to the severity of the moments sent suspended in this state. To know you re called for more but not given clearance is disheartening, challenging, and could be harmful. However, it’s the time spent in this place of cramped being that sustains elements of yourself.

The glass ceiling not only serves as a barrier but also as a mirror. Its transparency reflects aspects of yourself that you wouldn’t naturally face. It causes you to look at your next level but not without seeing you first. You cannot gaze into the future without seeing your vague essence trapped in its hold. The duality of the glass ceiling connects you spiritually to the next level before you physically migrate there.


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