Majestic Royalty

Sometimes when we think of royalty it is in the European way. We think of men and women who run countries by a feudal system. If we’re honest we look at their lives and secretly envy them because they have everything at their finger tips. So in thinking of them as majesties and elite when silently think of ourselves as less than, as peasants. We settle for relationships and dreams that never lined up with our hopes as children. If we’re honest some of the things would have never crossed our minds. How then did we get here?

Women you are called to royalty. You are called to be vessels of prestige and honor. Your bodies are not toilets for unworthy people to release their business and leave you broken. You are not a pit stop, a roadblock to the next location. You are the location, but somehow we’ve all believed a lie and got off the bus at the wrong stop.

When I lived in Chicago growing up I used to take public transportation to and from school. One day I was tired after school and fell asleep on the bus. By the time I woke up I had long missed my stop and had to a decision to make: either I stay on the bus and wait until it turned around and got back to my stop, or get off at the next sop, cross the street and get on the bus going in the opposite direction. Though the latter sounds much better and probably even faster, I stayed on the bus and waited for it to come around. I didn’t get off the bus because I was unfamiliar with the area, and I was still in elementary school so there were perceived dangers.

How many times have you stayed on the bus going in the wrong direction because there were perceived dangers and you were in unknown territory? How many times did you wait in vain for that bus, person, circumstance to turn around but it never did? Did you eventually arrive at your location? Did you arrive safely or were you traumatized which further complicated your ability to move?

When you live a life of royalty, it’s not always about comfort. I believe I’ve been uncomfortable for a large portion of my life, because they rug kept getting snatch from under my feet. Well, I was standing on old rugs, those that I never should’ve been standing on in the first place. Royalty is inherited through lineage, and whose lineage do you belong to?

Think of your ancestors, Hannah, Ruth, Mary, Martha, Rebecca and Mary Magdalene. These women were royal–the bible even took the time out to mention their names. No their lives weren’t perfect, they made some mistakes, but for generations people know their names. It was their sacrifices, their praise, their attitudes, their tears, and ability to move when needed that got them to the place of prestige. I know your circumstances are less than ideal, or you’ve silently thrown in your towel for your life but go pick that rag back up because it will be the very thing you use to wipe the dirt from your feet when you reach your destination.

You are royal and others will begin to see it once you believe it for yourself. You are called to greatness, your father is the King and when you understand who and whose you are you will shine your priestly garments and walk in the favor and beauty you were called.


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