Inner Instability

I generally workout 5-6 days a week and my fitness routines range from cardio days to 4days of strength training. However, the hardest days in the gym for me are Wednesdays and Fridays because I work on upper body–mainly core exercises. I dread going to the gym these days because working on the core is hard work, it’s tiresome and down right dreadful. However, it is the core that stabilizes and holds our bodies together. The core is the most important part of our being and if it is weak then we are generally feeble in other areas because the center of the body holds all other moving parts.

If this is true in the physical it is also true in the spiritual. Ultimately people who struggle inwardly with esteem, image, and stability have a weak core. Somehow over time they’ve been disabled by the trials of life and the capacity needed to endure and strengthen themselves has withered. As time progresses and we do nothing about the lacerations that have been inflicted upon our inner selves and become sick, the wounds infected. The sickness may show up in actions, emotions, insecurities, toxic words etc.

When a person is off-balance or off-center then they wobble attempting to stabilize. But there is no stabilizing in quicksand. There is no remedy for attempting to stand on a ball that is rolling. So why do we try? Because we are arrogant to believe that we are the exceptions to the rules of life.

Contrary to the tree our roots are in our center. If we don’t know who we are, what worth we have, how we measure up to ourselves we cannot be stable in any area of our lives, especially in term of identity and self-knowledge. We cannot know ourselves because we haven’t done the work to uncover our essence. It’s been bolted down by disappointments, hurts, negative words, and dangerous actions. It is unrecognizable, we’ve chased it off like a diseased pest. We’ve lost our familiar.

Sometimes I try to speed through core days at the gym because they are uncomfortable; while other times I take my time and endure. This method of quickening and slowing does stagnate my progress. I don’t see the results as quickly as I could and then I get angry at myself. We cannot hope for progress in any area of our lives unless we put in the hard and uncomfortable work behind the scenes. There is no payoff for the easy way out. In fact, anything that comes easy isn’t valued.

I encourage you to begin to work on your core. From its strengthening you will become balanced in all other areas of your being.


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