Dear Emotions


I used to let you run my life. If you were out-of-order so was I, if you were angry I gave in, if you were sad I complied. We were  thick as thieves always in cahoots never letting the other down. I willingly gave in to your desires whether I wanted to or not. You held me at bay until one day I decided to divorce you.

Yes I was afraid.

Afraid to let you down, afraid that you would turn on me and betray me like all those other times. I waited until you forced me to make a decision. You forced me to move to break up with you. I tried to negotiate, beg and reason as to why you were always right even though I knew you were wrong. I wanted you more than I wanted myself. That might sound crazy because you are a part of me. But you keep causing me to make the wrong decisions.

You betrayed me

Betraying yourself has to be the worst thing. I cannot blame anyone else because I’m divided within. I’m not well. I’m sick and tired of myself. Going against what I know to be true in order to appease you. You hurt me, no one else. You told me that certain things would work even though I knew differently. You, it was you this whole time. And I can’t blame anyone else because I recognize who I’ve been.

So I write this letter to you to let you know that I’m breaking up with you. That I’m removing your vote from my decisions and you no longer have ownership over my life.


Moving Forward



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