Can You Trust Yourself?

Now I’ll be the first to admit that in certain situations I cannot trust myself. Generally they are in various pockets of my life, private moments. However, I believe as we grow both spiritually and naturally, to not trust yourself becomes traumatizing. It’s a form of self-sabotage. Granted, we should be leery of trusting our judgments when we are hurting or recovering from a traumatic experience but when is it ok to start believing in ourselves again? When is it ok to stop looking outside of ourselves for other’s opinions?

The process to start trusting your inner self again is a step in the direction of ownership. More specifically, it is the moment where your start moving from victim to victor.

I used to tell myself that I shouldn’t trust myself to make hard decisions. So, I would go talk to others who had more experience in certain areas than I did. Overtime, my life uncannily began to reflect their lives. I was turning into them and allowing them to manipulate me through their one unworked through pain. By the time I realized this it was already too late. I struggled to get my voice back. To make them relinquish control over my life and it was hard, but I voluntarily gave them my power.

One day I woke up! There was no dramatic experience, no real defining moment; just the realization that I needed to make my own decisions again and live with them. In tasking someone else with the burden of thinking for us we do more damage than good. We will the other person more insightful–though they might be–and we give them authority over our thoughts.

We then begin to turn on ourselves even more. We unconsciously tell the lie that we are not reliable and not worthy then we get upset when others treat us s such. After any disappointment or hurt, it is wise not to make any major decisions but there is a time where we must take responsibility again. One day morning will come and the pain will be over, but we have to do the work of getting well.

Never give your life over to someone. God has given us the ability to make spiritually lead conscious decisions if only we would believe.


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