Fashionably Unfit?

daringI’m different from a lot of the people who I surround myself with. Sometimes it makes me uncomfortable because I’m often the butt of a joke. I don’t mean the very negative kind, the one that hurts your feelings, but the one that it just enough shade to make me feel uncomfortable.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I take pride in my appearance. I like fashions, music, and heels of all sizes. And, just being true to who I am, I’m often criticized, told that I’m overdressed, that I might need to calm it down. In the past, when those types of things were said, I would believe them. I would attempt to put myself in a box that I was too big for. It was because they said that I needed to.

Recently there has been a shift in my life that has told me to stop paying so much attention to what others say. I am me, I will look outlandish in certain situations, my simple style might be jarring but it’s an expression of who I am. I’m learning to stop pretending to believe in things I don’t, stop speaking when I don’t feel compelled, and stop trying to dress with the common folks.

My personal style has come under attack for quite a while, but it’s the same style that people take notice of. It’s the same expression that sets me apart whether expressed or not. I’ve never fit in, I’ve felt rejection because of it, but I know that it will always happen. Sadly, it has become my normal, but in the most positive way.

Never change the essence of who you are to fit the expectations of others. I know it’s hard and I struggled with it for a while, but when you’re called to greatness, others will begin to take notice.


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